gentrification landscapes

barcelona, 2017

bitacora: work process


after observing the movements and transformations of different neighbourhoods in Barcelona, and the duality of interests that exists, we aim to generate a reactive installation which helps to further understand the needs of the neighbours, creating a balance between both gentrification agents, through a process of collaboration and experimentation

landscapes of gentrification

in the last decades big cities have gone through transformation regarding services and population, which normally results in the change of an area's identity. These variations aren't always in favour of the local neighbours and come from the political or economical interests of external agents, which end up causing a rise in the cost of living which locals can't face, causing them to leave, thus progressively shifting the neighbourhood's lifestyle.

this process is denominated gentrification, and can have different consequences.

through this project we want to explore the changes in a district of Barcelona in collaboration with it's inhabitants, creating a participatory process in which the identity and interests of the area are at heart, while also allowing external agents to have an input and bring in ideas that affect the place in a positive way.  



x-plore the x

as part of our initial research & preparation we did a 1-day workshop with sociedad 0, where we explored different landmarks of Poblenou district from different perspectives and senses, and then represented each place with a reactive installation. 


x-hibition is an itinerant journal that will go around different locations, such as design universities and cultural centres of Barcelona. the first edition took place at Elisava School of Design.   

it is a way to present the X platform and explain the status of our current project. that's why the section for x_1 move away changes in each exhibition. 

visit to Sant Andreu


in the second edition of x-hibition it was featured in the main hall of Eina Centre of Art and Design, as well as a talk where the col·lec x team debated whether gentrification affects the whole city or just isolated parts of Barcelona, and moreover whether it can bring positive effects to an area despite being seen as a negative process. 


in order to approach to subject in the most transversal way possible, a team of multi-disciplinary students is being put together. each person has a different speciality but everyone will work together on the project as a whole.

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