textile limits

a 4 day workshop based around the theme of nomadism in today's day and age, done from 12th to 15th March 2016.

a total of 15 people were divided into 3 teams of multi-disciplinary students from different universities and mentored by HUNCH Office

it took place at Hangar.org and ESDi university, and the results were featured at Miquel Adrover's conference in Mazda Space inside the platform Out of Metrics, organised by FAD. 

the context:

Hangar.org: the main part of the workshop was developed there during two days

ESDi university: the workshop concluded there with mentoring from the school's tutors and the communication of the projects for the presentation

Mazda Space: the projects were exhibited during Miquel Adrover's conference


projecting means moving, which means making decisions, which means disobeying. 

to be disobedient is to open new pathways and resources unexplored until then.

the past is known.

knowledge allows us to project

we can move toward design like it's a mobile object, easy to transport; as a liquid society.

day 1_we're nomads

we find ourselves in a mutual space, we become a community, we have limited resources; we need elements that allow us to keep our society in constant movement, in a liquid state.

three teams are made, each one with the identity, tied together as a tribe. they have to obtain resources from different packs of materials distributed in the space. the first tribe to reach a pack keeps it or keeps moving. once you decide you commit; you have to move forward with what you've got.

day 2_we share

we exchange knowledge, we see other projects, we learn by contact.

a materials market was created in which the teams could exchange the materials they had for new ones, reaching a mutual agreement on how much each one was worth (how many metres of string are worth two cardboard tubes?)

we make

we develop the ideas, shape the projects and name them.

day 3_movement

the community moves to a new surrounding, with new resources and knowledge. there is an exchange of opinions. we open new horizons and colonise new territories (ESDi). 

each project recieves feedback from ESDi tutors, and the projects are prepared for presentation in a way that communicates their usability and concepts.

day 4_movement II

the community moves to a new context, a new community. we show our value, we show our value, we share our knowledge. we listen and learn. 

the projects are showcase at Mazda Space during Miquel Adrover's conference, and receive posterior feedback.

travail en tête

we often see street vendors re-using materials to fabricate the hand-made products they sell, but how can a job be developed as a nomad?

this project explores how a modular product can help adjust to the need of each user and be used for the functionalities of storage, work surface and exhibition space. 


a nomad needs to adapt easily to varied spaces, as well as having a resistance to the conditions of the different contexts.

this project is a portable hanging space that offers urban nomads the chance to enjoy any place in the city and use the elements as support, as well as protection from rain and wind. 


with the aim of showing the dependence humans have on others this project came up, playing with tension and balance elements. 

it presents a collection of three pieces where socialisation and company are a key factor in the user's experience, hence without the support of another person they can't be used. 

project credits

this workshop was part of the initiative Satellite Workshops organised by col·lec. it was born from the need to develop a platform that worked as real network between students from different universities in Barcelona; a place that allowed to learn and showcase creation.

this was the pilot for what would later become col·lec x.

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