what would the square of the future city be like?

this square comes to life with people's interaction

the installation took place at the Llum BCN lighting festival in Barcelona, which filled the streets of Poblenou District with installations and performances for the weekend in February 2018.

our swings brought the place back to life with the light and sound produced by the movement and play of people.

we suggest a personal immersion from the childhood memory of going on a swing.

each swing has a different type of sound, which responds to a specific instrument group, combining harmonically with the rest of the set.

it’s a collective experience created from interaction, both actively and as an observer.

the square is built on a scaffolding structure which holds it safely. Its modularity allows varying the number of swings, as well as making the square larger or smaller in dimensions.

the lighting intensity of the swings and the scaffolding modules varies depending on the speed of the swings.