the frame experience

a live stage to bring the audience into action

people live a contagious experience that they keep as a memorable moment

The music festival Brunch in the Park asked us to design an experience to activate the brand.

This photocall gets people to engage in a contagious way by jumping, moving and laughing.

By creating a photocall in which people participate in an active way it makes a difference in people's memory of the festival. The photos can be digital or printed out, so that the memory will persist in a physical format. 


The stage theme would vary each week, so that regular audience could see different versions. The background and the props create and immersive environment where people can enjoy the moment. 


Once a photo was taken, people would upload it to social media, expanding the brand online. By using a hashtag created by the festival, they would enter a contest for tickets, and gain a stronger bond.