shopping attitudes

what rhythm beats inside you?

Shopping Attitudes connects your emotions to the rhythm of your heart, creating a very special experience.

we designed the installation for the Vivand Shopping Day in Andorra, a day where the main shopping street was filled with music, people and entertainment.

a different song defines the shopping experience of each person depending on their heart-rate. a total of 785 people danced to the beat of their heart during 10 hours of shopping.


depending on each person's heart-rate, we could determine what type of music matched their pulsations. 

the space is transformed by a captivating lighting, and each person listens to their song. 

the impact of the installation got the consumers to actively engage in the day's event, giving a better brand communication and presence to the organisers.

we registered 72.220 heart beats, and everyone left with a smile on their face.

the participants put the headphones on, placed their hand on the surface that detected their heart-rate, and listened to their song.

each person spent 2-4 minutes enjoying the experience, and all the passersby wanted to try when they saw the reaction.