light up!

the light up! installation

eina,  barcelona, 2015

the international year of light

for the occasion of the international year of light, we felt like working and exploring light. our objective was set to develop five different forms and ambients from five different selections of materials.

the place

fast concept process

located in the wild garden of Eina, one of the universities we work with, a total of seventy students participated, created and shaped the lights in an afternoon, including the conceptualization and the production.

the results

a total of seventy students were involved in the workshop. they were divided into five groups, each one assigned to a specific place in the Eina gardens, which they would develop the lighting for. the workshop took place in March 2015 in Barcelona. the time of year allowed the workshop to start in the afternoon, in broad daylight, and come to an end after sunset; when the projections could be seen at their best. during the whole performance Bofirax played a live music session to stimulate everyone to create.

the process

project credits

this project was possible thanks to Eina and Oriol Pibernat, who made it possible for us to use the space and contributed lighting material. thanks to Bofirax for the music session played during the event, to Ana Amorós, Laura Sala, Pol Domènech, Albert García-Alzórriz, Moritz and every one of the participants involved.

other information

light up! workshop took place the 6th of May 2015 at Eina.

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