the higinia installation

festival ús, barcelona, 2015

La Escocesa

La Escocesa is an old factory in Poblenou district dedicated to printing and coloring canvases. some of it’s workers still live in it’s housing and the place has become an icon of the Barcelona of the time, a symbol of survival and the abandoned. Higinia, one of the enduring inhabitants of the area, and now our friend, gives name to the installation in it’s honour.

the place

an all-ages integrating environment

historical comings and goings of the neighbourhood have created its distinct identity, and even more so the factory’s.in May 2015, the arrival of visitors to the area for Barcelona Ús Festival generated a new movement. a way to contribute new memories by making the place more alive and meaningful. it was also a way of bringing to the neighbourhood into the current rhythm of the city.

the results

structure & operation

higinia installation is formed by three points of action. each point consists of a circular white canvas on the pavement and a wooden tripod structure at its center. a paint dispenser hangs from the structure which, when full, allows the paint to drop in slowly and constantly onto the canvas. the participants used sheets of paper supplied by col·lec to make their own creations and let them dry in the enabled area next to the action points, which at the same time served as a showroom. by the end of the festival La Escocesa had a new recording in front of it and the participants took a small portion of it back home.

the process

project credits

special thanks to all the participants who made the installation possible.

other information

higinia installation took place on the 9th and 10th May 2015 during Barcelona Ús Festival 2015.

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