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the essència installation

CCCB, barcelona, 2015

taking a look back inside

essència poses the reflection of who we are as human beings and what makes us feel. project done for the +Humans exhibition at CCCB.

the installation

the essence

the most representative icon of our bodies is the heart. the key organ that maintains everything alive. our essential engine as humans, no matter how far technology takes us. and the element that acts as the starting point for this project.

the interaction

immersive thinking

the sensor in the center of essència acts as a controller for the whole light and sound ambience, and therefore transmits a mood to the visitor. the participants heartbeats are amplified, creating a charming and warm atmosphere to allow visitors feel the human essence.

structure & operation

essència is structured in two parts: the main path of circulation and the core space. the overall structure is conceived by various red canvasses which resemble the interior of an organism. in the core area there’s a pedestal with a control sensor capable of detecting people’s heart-rate. this affects the light intensity all around the space and magnifies the sound of the heartbeat. the floor is covered with a thick black carpet to emphasise the feeling of warmth.

project credits

this project was conceived with the collaboration of Bofirax for sound design and Fèlix Vinyals and Helena Bantulà in programming. special thanks to ESDI as well as Elisava, Bau and Teresa Roig for their huge support for making essència possible in its first edition at CCCB. In the third edition Guillem Galimany joined the team as a programmer.

other information

the installation was displayed between 23rd and 27th December 2016 at Espai Beta of the CCCB museum of Barcelona inside the +Humans exhibition. it was also adapted and shown in the following events: Elle Decor Soft Home exhibition atPalazzo Bovara in Milano (Italy) during the Milano Design Week 2016. Valkiria HUB Space in Barcelona, for their 10th anniversary, between 12th and 22nd May 2016


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