what happened to physical interaction?

Corporea reflects on how our relationships have mostly turned into virtual ones, leaving physical contact aside.

a beta version of the installation took place at Eufònic Festivalas a reflection on the physicality of human interactions through technology.

the visual and sound arts festival was the perfect place to develop the installation in it's first tryout, presenting it to an audience not directly linked to the art and design world.


relationships have changed because of technology. nowadays contact is mainly through devices, in any place, at any time. 

but is it real contact?

Corporea uses technology to make explore contact in a different way, and reflecting on whether we really make distances shorter or not.

to discover the installation you need to interact with another person. each person controls one of the bodies of energy, and as they come together they come alive. 

it's based on the similarities between human connections and digital systems when creating connections and creating energy from interactions.