aigües braves

the aigües braves installation

eufònic, sant carles de la ràpita, 2015

water and matter

influenced by the Ebre river’s big impact in that territory, aigües braves was born from water and solid matter. as part of the Eufonic 2015 visual and sound festival, which only takes place in that region, we felt the need capture the essence of the place and represent it.

the place

electro - organic

the context of the river delta mixed with the festival’s interest in sounds led us to work in between the electronic world and matter / water-life of the big river. the artist Bofirax collaborated with our team to make the idea take shape.

the instruments

a surrounding experience

to make an impact on visitors we produced two instruments, which combined the electro-organic sounds with water circuits and lighting, resulting in a responsive experience for all five senses that would seduce people to get involved in creating music.

structure & operation

the installation is composed by three water circuits formed by transparent tubes suspended in mid air. each one of them works in conjunction with an instrument and has its own color. the space is submerged in black light and the coloured water in the circuits shines creating a seducing atmosphere. each instrument is powered by piezoelectric analog inputs and has independent speakers. the whole of the space was isolated from daylight and was introduced through an audiovisual projection, which at the same time provided the background ambience.

project credits

sounds made by Bofirax in collaboration with our team. thanks to Oriol Targa who joined our team to develop this installation. in the second edition of the installation at Cosmocaixa, the programming was in charge of Guillem Galimany and Helena Bantulà. special thanks to Mariona Alloy Ciller for his support in this second edition.

other information

aigües braves was displayed from the September 1st to September 6th 2015 at Sant Carles de la Ràpita during Eufònic 2015 festival. this project was also shown at Cosmocaixa (BCN) during the Mini Makers Faire on February 7th 2016.

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