X_1 Move Away

bitácora · issue 3

reactive installation: you can shape gentrification

after developing the concept the team came up with the proposal for an installation that reacts to gentrification, through a shape that represents people's movements in a neighbourhood, and allows people to express themselves on the topic. 

references: inflatables

citizen recreaction

the movements of each person has a direct effect on the shape as a whole, and therefore affects the dynamics of the rest who interact and their experience. 

the project presents a space where the community can express their perceptions of the neighbourhood, through the statement "this is..."

reactive installation

the shape of the neighbourhood

by using an inflatabe shape that people can balance on, the installation expresses the effects of gentrification in a conceptual way.

complemented by the graphics, it explains it's effects in phrases people can relate to their day to day life.

the graphics are based on opinions and suggestions recollecte, and are shown as a way of giving the community a voice