X_1 Move Away

bitácora · issue 2

shaping the idea

with the main concept in mind the next phase was to formalise it into a physical object or space, to transform it into an installation that would communicate that people can shape gentrification and be empowered in their neighbourhood  

it's all about people

after going over references, languages and materials we wanted to use, the main idea was that this installation couldn't work without people.

the funcionality itself needed to send the message that people depend on other people to work as a whole, and have a direct effect on their surroundings.

finding the balance

the idea came up of making a "playground of gentrification" where the games worked by people balancing with one, two or more people

each game represents one of the aspects of cities affected by gentrification, inviting people to discuss them in a playful way and open them up to the community

public space committee

social debate committee

housing committee

next issue: the reactive installation

defining the installation and final proposal