X_1 Move Away

bitácora · issue 1

finding the concept

the team started researching and sharing each other's views on what gentrification is and the different effects it has on the city.  

concept mapping

each approach was drawn out to compare the different ways in which urban changes bring transformations, as well as the agents that affect them.

sant andreu interviews

the team spoke to people who work in neighbour associations and other entities in sant andreu, to hear their opinions on gentrification.

feedback sessions

dr. irma arribas

architect at BAAA and teacher at ETSAB-UPC School of Architecture of Barcelona, ETSAM-UPM School of Architecture of Madrid, EINA-UAB School of Art and Design of Barcelona, UAB, IED European Institute of Design Barcelona.

an interesting input Irma gave us was the realisation that the project was looking to convey that "it isn't about you or me, it's about you and me working together".

javi morales

engineer at Barcelona Regional

we exposed the research done to Javi up until that day, and he gave us some interesting feedback on how we needed to back things up with more data, because the conclusions wouldn't mean anything unless there were actual facts behind them. 

basically, our conclusions are:

Sant Andreu is an example of a neighbourhood that maintains its identity. Talking about gentrification not of Sant Andreu, but showing the interesting parts of this non gentrificated town as an example of avoiding it.


power and control of your neighborhood helps to stop/control gentrification.

you can read about it in detail in the documents below


key words:

Infinite movement

Chain reaction          



Perception of distance

Coexistence vs. Ego

Distorting context

concept development

conclusions part 1

next issue: formalisation

how the project became a physical shape