the awareness pool

are you aware of how much water we use?

The Awareness Pool explains why DGTL is a veggie festival.

the installation was designed specially for DGTL Barcelona, an electronic music festival originally from Amsterdam. The festival has a sustainable mindset on the impact it has, and therefore has a series of elements that make it enviornmentally friendly. One of these is the #goingveggie campaign. 

an area of fun awareness that spreads an enviornmental message through enjoyment.

an opportunity to show how DGTL can balance the entertainment & commitment to the enviornment. 

the pool is designed as a space of fun, rest & awareness. it easily attracts people and shows the data of water needed to produce meat burgers, and everything the festival saves by going veggie. 

the hashtag allows to have a wider reach outside the festival, inviting people to post photos and spread the message further