can a muse be artificial?

can a muse generated by a computer be as inspiring as a physical one?

“My Artificial Muse” is a performance in four acts exploring how Artificial Intelligence can collaborate with humans in the creative and artistic processes.

This is the stage adaptation Col·lec designed for the original concept created by Albert Barqué-Duran, Mario Klingemann and Marc Marzenit, that was presented at Sónar+D in 2017.

Artificial Neural Network:
Artificial Intelligence developed with Mario Klingemann. It’s represented by a visual show in the shape of a cube. 

Human Artist:
Albert Barqué-Duran.
He paints on a canvas, inspired by the Artificial Neural Network.

The performance presents the creation of a muse generated by the Artificial Neural Network, that in turn inspires the Human Artist to reproduce a live-painting of the muse.

Each act represents a phase in the artistic process to generate the final artwork.


a generative experimental music set is played through a series of embodied sensors that follow the movements of the artist during the performance.

The cube’s visuals show the creative process of the Artificial Neural Network, in the dimension of data, code and algorithms, and the search for a muse.

Each performance ends with a new painting inspired by the Artificial Neural Network.

Interaction area
between Human Artist 
and Artificial Neural Network

Throughout the show, the human artist has a dialogue with the Artificial Neural Network in order to get inspiration from its artistic process.

Each performance is unique. 

A new Artificial Muse created computationally.
A new Classical Muse live-painted.
A new Music Set live-ensembled.

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