the here installation

fabra i coats, barcelona, 2016

timeless youth

we don’t believe that youth should be directly related to a certain age. it’s attitude that matters. based on this, here was developed to pull out what we all have inside to bring it back to life.

the space

an all-ages integrating environment

we wanted to connect with people, so we searched for a formula that everyone could understand with no explanations: swings. the installation combines sound and light as a result of the movement produced by people swinging. with the simultaneous movement of the multiple swings sound starts flowing while users have fun.

the swings

the orchestra concept

orchestras define a perfect structure of collaboration and coordination. we developed a situation where strangers could act together and create a pleasant melody. the result is the combination of four variable instrumental melodies from each swing.

structure & operation

here is built on a scaffolding structure, which safely supports the installation, and allows for a great modularity to possibly increase or decrease the number of swings, by making the square bigger or smaller in dimension. the base of the swings and the areas defined by the scaffolding are illuminated and vary in colour intensity depending on the speed of the swing. each swing has a unique variable sound that responds to its speed. the sound of each of the swings responds to a different type of instrument or sound family and is combines harmonically with the other swings.

the process

project credits

this project was possible thanks to the collaboration of Helena Bantulà and Guillem Galimany as programmers. the music was designed by Adrià Serarols (Bofirax) in the first edition, and by Yves Del Río in the second edition.

other information

here was shown between the 22nd and 24th June 2016 at Fabra i Coats (Barcelona) during The Creative Ring Challenge for the jury evaluation and 21st - 24th September 2016 at the same location for MAC Festival, part of the Festes de la Mercè 2016. the installation was created for the Barcelona Creative Ring Challenge; a contest with the aim of encouraging local digital hubs to co-create, bring creative professionals together and boost the Fiware technology platform. in the original idea, the installation used this technology to link the user’s actions with two other here stations in the city.


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