col·lec collective elusive

andorra, 2017

filtered wilderness

we propose a filter between civilisation and the wild land. a discovery of organic nature through a synthetic membrane. a filter of visual distorsion, generating expectatives beyond the path. 

depas is set in the Iron Route in the spectacular Andorra scenery

a door into nature

what's behind the membrane?
a dialogue of materials between transparency, filtered light & organic nature

human-made materials, through industrial processes, that don't ignore nature, but rather see it from a different perspective, in harmony with it's surroundings.

the installation stand in the path between civilisation and the untouched mountains

structure & operation

the metal structure of 6 metres in length by 2.40 metres in height is anchored to the ground. three curtains formed by PVC strips can be moved along the rails in an independent way. this way, users can transform the installation generating different patterns and playing with the transparency of the material by overlaying the curtains. 

the process

other information

depas is one of the piece presented for the Andorra Land Art Biennial 2017, placed in the Iron Route. it was opened on April 28th 2017 and will be in place for three months. 

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