dance overflows the audience

through mind, body and space

Mercat de les Flors’s slogan for 2018 season was “dansa desbordada” (overflowed dance). In that context, the overflow was extended to all dimensions related with dance such as body, thought, and space.

This immersive installation starts at the end of each premiere, during the whole of 2018's season.

After each performance, the audience is called to an interface in the center of the hall, where they can say what kind of overflow they experienced during the piece. With their answer the Mercat’s Hall is flooded with colored light. 


Each answer has assigned a concrete light color and with the sum of all the interactions a specific ambient light color is created as a result.

The installation gives the Hall an atmosphere through light, and works as a form of expression for the audience to say what moved them during the play.

The audience can see the real time variation of the ambient color depending on the average votes.