people, people, people

barcelona, 2013

we are

a team of creatives, researchers & specialists

we search

for the harmony between art & technology

we create

unique experiences through participation

during our process collaboration is crucial

we work in a multidisciplinary team that includes engineers, visual, space, and product designers, which is able to shape our projects from concept to set-up in various stages.

our clients

we've worked for cultural and educational entities, brands, agencies and festivals

you can also find us in

+376 370 369

Torre Caldea 5a planta

AD700 Escaldes-Engordany

+52 1 55 3756 8902​⁠

Amsterdam 266-4

Hipódromo Condesa

we want to thank all the colleagues who helped us grow, especially our old teammates Gabriela Robles, Marc Catafal, Oriol Targa, Anaïs Barceló, Ana Amorós, Laura Sala, Albert García-Alzórriz, Mariela Madero, Tatiana Muñoz,  Nikita Bashmakov, Albert Ramoneda, Paola Belmonte, Júlia Bidon, Duna Vallès, Eva Beser and the interns Noelia Rodríguez, Carlos Salas, Chiara Veenstra and Alina Boehm. Also thanks to Xavi Grau from Nom-Nam for his enormous help with our brand identity, and Fèlix Vinyals for his technical collaborations.